Wednesday, September 5, 2012


What's On Your Workspace? Wednesday....

Come snoop around the world at various workspaces.  Head on over to The Stamping Ground to take a look.

Not much to comment on mine - just making up something using some new stamps and flocking material that my wife and I picked up at a rubber stamp show here in Reno earlier this year.


  1. Hi Barf, you have returned for another week, good for you. Francesca #111

  2. Thanks for visiting! I figured since I had stuff on the workspaces, may as well post it!

  3. Stamps are hard to see but are they pandas ? And what do you do with flocking ? What IS flocking in fact !! Ali #57

    1. Both stamps are from Stampendous, one is a Panda hanging onto bamboo, the other is just bamboo. The flocking is actually a product called Flower Soft ( which is like a soft glitter like substance. It is glued on and adds a soft effect (like fur on the panda once I glue it down).

  4. Cute panda stamp. I also like the edge stamp you are going to be using. Thanks for joining again. Brigita #53