Wednesday, September 12, 2012


What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday....hop on over to The Stamping Ground and join the global snoop at crafty workspaces.

Mine is still a mess from working on the panda card last week for a Mojo Monday contest.  So, thought we would highlight some recent buys from our local Michael's store - either already 40% off or on clearance.  Enjoy your week....


  1. Oh I am so jellous that you can get these things so cheap at Michaels we dont have anything like that here in Australia. I so want to go to the states and shop there. You have some awesome supplies, I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

    Eliza #90
    Happy WOYWW

  2. As Eliza said you are lucky with Michaels in the USA. New stash looks good even better when its cheaper. Francesca #94

  3. your Michaels has better stuff than the one i was in Monday and no coupon off. trying to learn how to use my iPad while desperately wishing to finish a project. this is written on PC laptop . I can't send out stuff yet. barf Snoodlfart sounds like your teen years!!!
    monica 131

    1. Ii see Chico's ads on your page is this part of barf's life!

  4. How lucky to have a Michaels store. I always google them so I can visit when I am in the USA. Love the Barf S name as well

    Crafty hugs Annie x

  5. Ooh, always so envious of Michaels tales of coupons and sales and all the lovely crafty goodies! Hope you have lots of fun playing with them, and happy WOYWW...
    Alison x

  6. Funny thing here is that the more we visit the Joanns store here, the less we like Michaels! Michaels is very slow on getting new stuff in. But, I use the coupons on both Android apps that these stores offer to save what I can. I have no idea what we will end up using these new buys on. For now, they will end up in our 'new and unused, box - an idea I got from someone here in blog world - all new things we buy get tossed in a box until we use it then it gets put away where it 'belongs'!

  7. Love new stuff! Exciting. Thanks for the peek! Have a happy WOYWW- Amanda #97

  8. Always fun to find great deals. Love michael's now that they have a card too. Shop enough you'll get extra $$ off. And so happy to live somewhere with hobby lobby too. :-)

  9. Another envious Aussie here! We all wish we had Michael's here too! Happy WOYWW! RosA # 33

  10. You're such a smart shopper! I like your haul!Tamika #162

  11. Gotta love Mike's. I was there on Wednesday and had to be very restrained indeed, could have bought loads!

    Brenda 1

  12. Lookin good :) Love having a peek into the spaces of fellow crafter's! If you happen to peek in on my blog, be sure to wear a hard hat! LOL!