Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy 4th Anniversary, WOYWW!

Celebrating the 4th anniversary of the ever-popular 'What's On Your Workspace Wednesday' (aka WOYWW).  If you're not familiar with what this is, check it out here.

I have learned a vast amount by visiting various workspaces around the globe each week.  And the inspiration I receive is priceless.  This week also includes an optional ATC swap with participating posters.  I am new to making these so I decided to just jump in and go for it.  I made a total of 5 ATCs, one going to the next in line whose title post is aptly marked.  The remaining will go to the first 4 folks who comment here that they would like one.  I solely used Distress Paints to color these.

Here are the ATCs I made (along with the colors of Distress Paints used):

Here are my steps in making them:
(Step 1)
I started with 5 playing cards from a deck bought from a local casino here in Reno, NV and applied a layer of white gesso. 

(Step 2)
I randomly chose 5 colors of Distress Paints (spiced marmalade, picked raspberry, salty ocean, mowed lawn, chipped sapphire) and colored each card, misting with water to allow some running of the colors. 

(Step 3)
I wanted to use all 5 colors on all 5 cards so I decided at each step to rotate the colors (clockwise color shift!). I then simply dabbed on each new color.

(Step 4)
After another color shift, I dabbed the new color thru the stencil shown.

(Step 5)
Another color shift and stencil.  On this one, I wanted a print of the stencil used rather than the image created by dabbing paint over it (positive vs. negative image, I guess it is called).  So, I dabbed the paint onto the stencil then 'stamped' the stencil into the card.  On one of them, I forgot to move the stencil to a clean area on my craft sheet so I got more paint onto the card than desired. (Bob Ross would call this is a happy accident rather than a mistake!)

(Step 6)
One more color shift and this color was used to stamp 'WOYWW 4' on each ATC.  I then outlined the stamped letters with a white gel pen to make them stand out more.

I left the backs mostly open (and creatively messy) so as to see the Casino's logo.

As in proper form to this ATC swap, I'll send one of these to the person whose link on the WOYWW site follows mine and is aptly marked.  I will send the remaining four ATCs to those who desire - just leave me a comment stating so with your email address.  I only have four to give away, though.  I'll contact you for mailing info.

Happy browsing!


  1. I really like your ATCs, especially the way you rotated the colours. Every Wednesday is so inspiring and I never fail to learn something either.

    Happy anniversary,
    Love Rachel #48

  2. I love how you rotated the colors to achieve a "random" mix. Very clever.

  3. Wonderful colors on your ATC.
    Krisha #140

  4. Great vibrant colours on your ATC's. Francesca #31

  5. Love these! Jumping up and down waving! Would love to swap! Sand #172

  6. Still jumping up and down and waving, but here is my email: (forgot that bit. Doh! Happy WOYWW 4th Anniversary x Sand #172 (again!)

  7. Hi wow so loving the ATC's and can't wait to have a feel lol and see the yummyiness of distress. Yep I am your * partner :-) so excited and thanks for the tutorial as well. Happy woyww :-) Kezzy xxx

    1. I would be MORE than happy to send you one of my extras. It looks like you came in as #171. I believe my 1st swap goes to #170. Send me a quick note with your postal address to: joelmcbride(at) !!!

  8. Hi Joel I can't see an address to send an email. Kezzy xxx

  9. What fun and colorful ATCs Joel. I love them! I haven't gotten any Distress Paints yet...but I do love the colors! Thanks for giving us a behind the scenes look at how you made your trading cards.
    Anna Leisa #138

  10. It looks like you are the recipient for my one of a kind WOYWW4 ATC : D. Please email me your address at ohhhsnapper at gmail dot com and I'll send it off to you ASAP. Happy WOYWW!

  11. Very informative post here, I wouldn't have thought of using playing cards for a start! I love the name of your blog too. I couldn't resist clicking on your in the list!
    Diane 53

  12. Love your method. Thanks for sharing. I have not tried the Distress paints though have the ink daubers. I'm really curious to see the difference. Dori179

  13. Hi Barf
    happy 4th
    love to see the whole design process they look great and they show you don't need lots of 'stuff' although its fun if you do as well. I would love to swap too if you have any left although I think I will have to make some more to swap back, just email me if you have
    janet #32

    1. Janet, you'll get my last ATC that I made for this swap! I have sent you an email so I can get your address.

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  15. OOPS!! I can't count. I actually have ONE more ATC to give away. Reply to this post and send me an email to: joelmcbride(at)!!!

  16. I’m sorry to be late in visiting but I’m now on day four of my quest to get round everyone this week. I know it’s going to take some time, but I wanted to say that it’s amazing that the internet can bring together so many likeminded people and I’m grateful that WOYWW has also brought along so many new friends, thanks to Julia.

    It’s amazing that you can use the exact same colours on each of the ATC’s and yet the all look completely different.

    Enjoy your weekly snoop, especially as we’re celebrating WOYWW’s 4th Anniversary
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @82

  17. Brilliant fun there. And all ending up so differently. Makes me think of God creating each one of us - all the same in theory - all unique in practice!!! Have a great week.
    Margaret #70

  18. Great job on your ATC's - they are so colorful. I like how you used real 'cards' for the base.
    April #125

  19. Hiya
    Coming in late - but I'm trying to visit everyone for this special WOYWW.
    Love that tutorial, never used DI but I am being tempted ...... if I should see them in a shop, one or two might just jump into my basket!!
    If you still have the ATC going spare, I'd love to swap - I'll drop you an e with my details just in case!
    Bishopsmate #91